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Product Evaluation Form

Dear Customer,
SASAN order to serve you better as, opinions and evaluations are of great importance for us.
Thank you for taking your valuable time interested.

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Title :
Name *:
Surname *:
Mission :
Year of Birth *:
Gsm Phone +:
eMail +:
Medical devices used *:
The sections used :
-Products related to the use-
The quality of the material used in the product :
Product packaging :
Outer carton packaging :
Product use practical terms?
Do if required alteration is done?
Does the product meet your request?
-After Sales-
Does the technical services provided?
The phone staff is helpful and concerned enough?
Dissatisfaction situation with the relevant personnel with enough attitude and return quickly?
Does Suggestions and complaints are being considered?
Does being delivered on time?
Does the product changed if required?
According to product quality, prices accepted?
Does ease of payment being made when necessary?
Payment methods accepted?
Does ease of communication provided?
Your opinion : Please use the Enter only at the end of paragraph




  • 4 Perfect / 3 Good / 2 Enough / 1 Bad
  • * Marked (painted) applies to areas data input is mandatory.
  • + Marked fields will be entered according to your preference.
  • For us to return your phone or email address We ask that you report information from at least one.
  • The information received is confidential.

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