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About Us

SASAN Medical Disposable Products Limited Company was established in 1982 to sell medical products for open heart surgery and the treatment of hemodialysis.
SASAN has started to produce open heart surgery and hemodialysis products since 1996.
The company has been moved to new production facility with capacity of 5.000 m2closed area in 2003 and in 2007 the closed area capacity was increased to 10.000 m2 by adding 5.000 m2 closed area. The facility consists of four distinct parts, as a total of 1.500 m2 of clean room.
The company changed the title as incorporated company in January 2004.
Besides import and sales of the products; oxygenator used for open heart surgery, grafts and stents used for cardiovascular surgery, in the production facility extrusion, injection, automated tube cutting, sealing, packing sterilization and laboratuary tests are made automated /semi-automated and manually. SASAN produces hemodialysis AV sets, tubing sets for open heart surgery, cardioplegia sets and chemotherapy sets, pressure monitoring sets, infusion pump sets and offers to the market.
SASAN products are exported to many European countries and to many Middle East countries.
Additionally SASAN support Turkish companies by supplying raw materials such as PVC Tube, Phatalete Free Tube, semi-finished products and ETO sterilization.
Our Mission
In 1982 we have started our business life with only sales of medical products, today with the idea of continuous improvement and development we produce all sizes of PVC tube, arter/ven sets are used to treatment of hemodialysis, all kinds of sets used for open heart surgery and familiar sets, packaging, sterilization and by the end of 2013 including injection are made in our production facility without sacrificing quality by applying standards of Class 100.000 clean room, ISO 13485 and CE in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Health. We have this vision within the framework of our customers, our employees, our country source and create value instance be an affiliate ourselves MISSION we have acquired.
Our Vision
By following latest tecnologies and standards to be a pioneer company in local and global market.
Our Objectives
- To make new R&D projects with new tecnological investments
- To produce needed components by developed R&D projects
- To decrease production costs
- To increase the sales in local & global market